Professional Development & Training

Engaging, hands on trainings for your school community, conference or organization. Learn to apply social justice values with empathy and care to your populations' diverse situations and needs. Deepen your understanding of how social trauma impacts learning and what you can do about it. Create genuine, trusting and authentic learning communities. Integrate healing and wellness into your social justice mission and improve the retention, connection, and outcomes for your entire community of staff, teachers and learners. 

Mentorship & Coaching

Compassionate, holistic and results driven coaching that will help you to be your best self, both professionally and personally. Learn to balance self care with commitment to excellence and justice. Connect to your deepest sense of purpose and use it to achieve new levels in your work, life and relationships. Transform conflict and anxiety into authenticity and vision.

Healing & Wellness Workshops

Experiential, mindful spaces to reflect, let go, restore and reconnect. Transform your relationship to work, stress and trauma. Learn how to integrate healing practices into teaching, learning and living. Deepen your understanding and commitment to social justice through mindful yoga practice, expressive arts, and earth-based healing.

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