Candice's ability to facilitate healing during tense and traumatic times is remarkable. Her ability to hold space for others to come to important realizations in the process of their healing requires intuition, bravery, and the deep knowledge of ancestral practices that she uses adeptly to support a wide variety of people in various places in their healing process. During my most recent circle with Candice, I was held and supported as I took important steps to continue to heal from lingering issues before embarking on the most important journey of my life-motherhood. This level of care requires significant amounts of time, energy, and study and it is clear Candice takes pride in being a healer within her communities. 

Meilani, Middle School Teacher

Oakland, CA

As a 2nd year teacher, I spent most of my first year teaching running around looking for mentors, advice, chances to observe classrooms etc. I talked to many people, but there were some deep issues (including how my gender and students perception of me affects my teaching person, my desires to teach students more than just academics, dealing with sexual harassment as a young, female teacher of color etc.) that were affecting my sanity on a deep level because I couldn't find people to process these things out loud with and this left me isolated. Candice was not only able to understand my experiences, but made me feel affirmed, empowered, and energized to find solutions. She was able to sense exactly what I needed, gave me questions to journal about and I left our meeting feeling heard, validated, and affirmed.

Shaina, English Teacher

Oakland, CA

I've participated in several of Candice's healing circles. Each time I participate, I have a truly refreshing and connecting experience. It brings me back to the present while helping reflect and address whatever past moment I am carrying that day. I so appreciate Candice for the work she does and the calming energy she brings to her healing practice. 

Carol, Science Teacher

Richmond, CA

Candice is a prime asset to not only the Oakland community but the educational community! I’ve seen her work first hand with Oakland youth, teachers and staff,, and it is without a doubt TRANSFORMATIONAL. She has the ability to push students and teachers to make healthier decisions not only within their school community but within their lives. She's building a bridges and frameworkds towards a healthier tomorrow. She’s renewing the foundations of a thriving school communities!

Jennifer, After School Coordinator

Oakland, CA

Candice has developed a profound capacity to be present with the most challenging and essential needs of her community.  She is intuitive, insightful, COMPASSIONATE, and able to travel deeply with those she works with. Her strong skills as an educator have given her the tools to present a depth of information and resources in clear ways catered to the capacity of whoever is in front of her- whether students, colleagues, family, clients, or friends. She is a natural transformer, a butterfly of sorts whose presence weaves a safe cocoon around the sacred space of healing which is required to achieve renewal- including in the classroom where she has gone above and beyond to nourish the underlying needs of the youth she is responsible for educating. I recognize Candice as someone who helps make things well from the inside-out and always approaching it from a place of honesty and heart. Anyone who has the chance to work with her is truly blessed to be in such good hands.

Layla, Social Worker & Herbalist

Los Angeles, CA

During times of trauma and crisis, Candice acted as a pillar of strength in our school community.  She taught students and staff how to cope and bounce back from traumatic experience by guiding us through activities, meditation, and restorative conversations. Candice is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and truly cares about the students and staff she works with.

Alyssa, Science Teacher

Oakland, CA

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