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education, healing, and justice

You are in the right place for meaningful change. 

You've always known inside that you were meant for more. That we all are. That something was "off" - about society, about the ways we treat one another, and about the things we believe in. You notice that most people are suffering, and some suffer so much more than others. You are sensitive and you care. 

Maybe you made it your career to study this, to make a difference and to help others.

I see you. Teacher, parent, organizer, leader, director, advocate, healer. You have a lot of names. But the one we hear of less; brokenhearted. I also see this in you.


I am here to help.

I know you could do this alone. You have been doing it alone. But you shouldn't have to. 

Let's connect and dream freedom possibilities together. 

 ~ Candice


work with me

Compassionate, critically conscious support to embody your personal, professional, organizational and spiritual values.

training & workshops

Learning should be joyful, connecting and empowering. In my workshops, I offer people-centered tools for collective healing, trauma informed practices, conflict mediation, adult culture shift, Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Audience: Schools, nonprofits, conferences, organizations and community groups.

embodied leadership

Through collaborative coaching, I help leaders increase their capacity for transformative change inside and out.  Leaders unlock practical tools for self-care, stress reduction, communication, trauma informed practice, culture change, and embodied leadership.


Audience: Heart and justice driven leaders.

holistic coaching

With respect, skill and compassion, I offer space to self-care, self-heal and self-regulate during stressful times. I can help you reach long awaited goals, or simply feel happier, more easeful and more inspired in the life you live. 

For individual activists, teachers, organizers, cultural workers, artists and empaths.

Working with Candice in my role as a school administrator has profoundly shifted my practice. Candice has helped me to broaden my awareness for addressing issues around equity, as well as bringing those insights into existing school systems. She is beloved by my staff for her way of raising challenging topics in a way that engages and pushes thinking. Candice has the unique skill set to build meaningful relationships with staff, an understanding of system level changes, and thoughtful and responsive facilitation skills.

Annika Rudback, Principal
Oakland Unified School District

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