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my story

I am a parent, a cat owner, a friend, a survivor, a geek, gardener and a nature lover.  Well, to be honest, the cats own me. I have learned that no professional titles will ever reflect all of who I am, nor the fullness of my worth. I strive to be human before I strive to be a worker. I identify as Black, Indigenous, Queer and poor people allied. I don't easily fit into boxes, so I use them to mulch my garden instead.

I have been living and working at the crossroads of education, justice and community healing for 17 years. I have extensive experience in mindfulness, trauma informed care, anti-oppressive practices, and youth empowerment. I consider myself a grassroots trauma expert.


If you want to know my titles, I hold a BA in Humanities (2004), an English Teaching Credential (2009), an MA in East-West Psychology (2012), an MA in Counseling Psychology (2022), and a 200-hour certificate in Mindful Yoga (2019).  

Thank you for stopping by to check out my work. Take a look around and be sure to keep in touch in all the ways.

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I am so grateful and honored to have the opportunity to work with Candice for their executive coaching services! As someone who is not a traditional executive leader, Candice’s approach meets me where I am with trauma-informed strategy, thoughtful, deep listening skills, and by introducing creative exercises to support me in meeting my professional goals. Candice is patient, kind, and incredibly bright. I am confident that overall, my work improves because of collaborating and sharing with them during sessions. Lastly, Candice’s employs a holistic approach so that all the parts of me are acknowledged through encouraging dialogue. While working with Candice, I can feel like a whole human who is being supported wholeheartedly.

Lorin Jackson, (she/they)

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