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Check out these ways to deepen your learning on trauma informed practices, education for justice and collective healing. Contact me to bring me to your school, organization, conference or publication or keep in touch through my newsletter!

What if Self-Care isn't the Answer?

podcast feature

Self-care has become a buzzword when discussing solutions to the mental health crisis in BIPOC communities. Is self-care enough to mitigate the impact of systemic racism, intergenerational poverty, and historical trauma? Candice will provide insight concerning the need for collective care to heal communities, especially communities struggling with systemic racism and historical trauma. 

Trauma Informed Pedagogy

podcast feature

Educator, counselor, and parent Candice Rose Valenzuela, sits down for our Mic Check..1,2,3! round table segment alongside educators Kenjus T. Watson and Jewell Bachelor who puts in conversation the significance of trauma-informed pedagogy and healing centered practices. 

grief sensitivity 
institute Day 2 Keynote

keynote speech

MHTTC Network's 2-day Grief Sensitivity Virtual Learning Institute is a learning space designed for those supporting individuals (general mental health and school mental health) experiencing grief and loss through COVID-19 and beyond.

Space for Young Black Women: An Interview with Candice Valenzuela


A few years ago, Candice Valenzuela created and facilitated a group for young Black women at Castlemont High School in Oakland, California. She grounded her work in womanist, Black feminist, and critical pedagogy, as well as her own lived experience as a Black multiethnic woman of working-class origins and a history of trauma.

I feel very fortunate to have been coached by Candice for two years while I was a middle school principal. Candice helped me do the mirror work necessary to actualize our vision for equity at the school. I felt very heard and pushed by her coaching, and she helped me develop better praxis around being a leader for equity. Candice is thoughtful, insightful, compassionate, and diligent in her coaching. She is also an excellent facilitator with a deep breath of knowledge and strong skills in emotional intelligence. My practice improved from my time with Candice, and I would recommend her without hesitation. 

Claire Fisher, Senior Director
New Leaders for New Schools

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